Strikeback Campaign

Welcome. This campaign landing page is a bit of a test for us. Obsidian Portal has just remade their website and have offered some great tools that we can leverage. But here is the campaign overview.

Campaign Overview
The campaign is based very loosely on our current world, and the characters are agents or army personnel that have been recruited into the Strike-Back initiative. The charter behind this initiative is to strike at the heart of organizations who are focused on the mass destruction of property and lives. This initiative is fed financial backing from a variety of countries and is financed primarily off the books. Only a small number of countries are involved in this initiative with primary oversight and control being through the British government, who currently is the largest investor in this initiative.

The Series
The campaign will be divided up into a series, where a select number of sessions will complete a series, and a select number of series will conclude the campaign.

Monday Night